Development of management procedures

  • A procedure in business refers to a specified way of performing a set of tasks.
  • It represents the implementation of all or part of a process and is intended to be reproducible.
  • It describes step by step the sequence of tasks to be carried out, and the associated roles and responsibilities.
  • The process represents the What, the procedure the Who does What and When, and both are completed by the operating mode which defines the How by following the QQOQCCP analysis grid.
  • The manual of procedures can be defined as being a reference system for common use for all the actors within the company:
  • - the general direction,
  • - operational services,
  • - internal auditors.
  • The procedures manual is a document which, in the form of clear and precise instructions, contains all the day-to-day operations of the company. It indicates the processing circuit for these operations, specifying in particular the:
  • 1. tasks to do (what?)
  • 2. responsibility levels (who?)
  • 3. different stages of treatment (when?)
  • 4. places of realization (where?)
  • 5. modalities of execution (how?)
    • Conditions for developing procedures:

    1.have a detailed organization chart,

  • 2.have a good description of the responsibilities of each position (job descriptions); ,

    3.have a good definition of responsibilities (job descriptions);

  • 4.define the objectives of the manual and its scope;